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The 2020 Guide to White Hat SEO

October 3, 2018

Wrangle Rankings the Right Way: A Visual Guide

Welcome to the Wild West of search engine optimization. The Internet has come a long way since its lawless beginnings, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of snakes out there willing to lie, cheat, and steal their way to the top of Google’s search results. Us law-abiding citizens work our tails off to achieve high rankings the good, old-fashioned, decent way, only to end up getting swindled by the low-life highwaymen of the Internet. Success may come swiftly to those who use dirty tactics, but so does justice.

Black hat SEO brings risks that are severe enough to level a business to the ground, leaving nothing but a smoldering pile of ashes and financial ruin where profit and growth should be. With Google enforcing quick and deadly punishment to those who break its laws, white hat SEO becomes the smarter, safer, and more effective choice.

Confused about which is which? Well, hike up your britches and shine up those boots, because you’re about to get a quick and messy lesson! White hat SEO follows Google’s guidelines to a “T”: no manipulation or foul practices in sight; just good, clean methods that boost your site rankings the natural and fair way. Ditch the dangers of keyword stuffing, cloaking, and auto-generated content -- all classic black hat practices -- or Google will be breathing down your neck and bootin’ you out of town faster than you can say “Dadgummit!”

While black hat SEO utilizes tools and tricks that take advantage of web users and their trust (acting as the proverbial snake in your boot), white hat practices ensure that both parties are benefitting from the exchange. Google acts the role of sheriff in this extensive metaphor and wants those using its service to enjoy their stay in a safe and enriching manner. Hitching your wagon to tactics like guest posting, link building, and strategic keyword use in long, in-depth pieces of content will wrangle rankings the right way without risking Google’s unforgiving wrath.

Join us in a mighty “Yeehaw!” as you turn your back on black hat practices and gallop toward that golden, first-page sunset with white hat SEO by your side.


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