Introducing Performance Bookings

Propellic’s proven marketing methodology for travel companies to drive bookings and revenue.

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It’s time to modernize travel marketing

Performance Bookings breaks the habits that are hurting bookings.

Low traveler behavior alignment

Traveler intent powers targeting

Marketing metrics as goals

Bookings as goals, tied to marketing

Channel dependence

Channel diversity & integration

Poor data analysis & leverage

Leveraged data for performance

Static marketing strategy

Dynamic marketing strategy


Performance Bookings

Bookings are
our North Star
Traveler Intent
Diversify & Reduce Channel Dependence
Leveraged Data Compounds Performance
Dynamic Strategy Drives Long-term Growth
Principle 1

Bookings are our North Star (Goal)

Propellic marketing is designed to drive bookings - not simply impressions, clicks, and traffic.
Through financial modeling and rigorous analysis and optimization, we build full-funnel strategies and campaigns that deliver measurable ROI for our travel clients.
Principle 2

Traveler Intent Unlocks Bookings

Travelers are a distinct audience with unique consumer behaviors.
We map marketing campaigns to every phase of traveler intent. By identifying traveler stages to inform our paid and organic targeting, we maximize your brand discovery and conversion at every step of the traveler journey.
Principle 3

Diversify & Reduce Channel Dependence

Travel companies often find success with one tactic or channel, scale quickly, and do not diversify. This leads to over-reliance on tactics and substantial risk.
We reduce channel dependence, diversify & integrate your marketing, and maximize your bookings potential on every channel.
Principle 4

Leveraged Data Compounds Performance

Not integrating and leveraging campaign data is a major reason for wasted ad spend, missed targets, and low conversions.
We utilize our robust tech stack - and show you how to best leverage yours - to pinpoint and activate your most valuable data, to inform campaign analysis, targeting, and ad spend to improve performance.
Principle 5

Dynamic Strategy Drives Long-term Growth

Static marketing strategy leads to the same tactics everyday, every quarter.
We follow the data - and craft dynamic, effective marketing strategies designed around your maturity level, growth goals, budget, and customer segment. This enables you to stay ahead of trends and competitors, ramp up your marketing sophistication, and maximize booking revenue.

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