Frequently Asked Questions

Will you implement your recommendations for me?
Our audit deliverables include detailed reports of our findings and strategies, with actionable recommendations that your team can easily implement
We always recommend that any changes to your website code should be done by your web developer to prevent (potentially catastrophic) mess-ups. For this reason, we stick to what we’re good at, and leave the backed implementation to the coding experts.
Linkbuilding on the other hand, is fully managed for you, from outreach to guest post creation
Do your services come with a guarantee?
As with any digital marketing service, results can never a be guaranteed
However, we do guarantee to always stay transparent, provide our best expertise, and do everything we can to make things right in the case that something doesn’t go according to plan.
Do you provide written content
We do not provide any content writing services at this time (with the exception of guest post content for your monthly linkbuilding)
Instead, we provide your in-house writers with a detailed strategy for each content piece and let them put the words to paper
This way you get strategically high-ranking content without paying for outsourced writers getting up to speed on your brands voice and business
What is travel SEO?
Travel SEO is search engine optimization for travel websites. These sites include those for tourism agencies, vacation planners, travel blogs, and sites that advertise cheap flights. The goal of travel SEO is to rank your company for travel search terms people are already using
Instead, we provide your in-house writers with a detailed strategy for each content piece and let them put the words to paper
Why is it important to choose a travel SEO agency?
Simply put, generalist SEO agencies don’t understand the critical challenges of the travel and tourism industry. SEO for travel sites is more complex that is seems
Propellic knows when searchers are pre-planning, actively planning, or ready to book, We help you target these searchers at every stage with specialized travel industry SEO expertise
We also understand the unique challenges you face competing with massive websites-and sometimes even your own listing on another directory
We always create a custom strategy that focus on these challenges while aligning with your travel company’s goals and resources
Our travel SEO services include a multi-step process to reach tourists at each step of their vacation planning. This includes deep statistical analyses to plan your content and keyword targets as well as audits of your pre-existing content for complete optimization
Whether your travel website content is specific to a location, type of travel website content is specific to a location, type of travel, or discounted flights and rooms, our travel SEO services will help you gain valuable organic traffic and more direct bookings
What is a website quality audit
Our website quality audit includes a full crawl of your entire website
W correlate each URL crawled with data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Keyword Rankings, and Backlinks to determine the best course of action for each section of your travel website
This information helps us build a high-level overview of your existing tourism website structure. It also allows us to see which places of your travel content is effectively converting your readers
What is a technical audit?
Technical SEO is especially important for large travel websites that have more than 5,000 pages with regular new content being published.
Because the travel industry is dynamic, new content is a constant necessity - creating some unfortunate byproducts.
(Think; 404 pages, broken redirect chains, orphan content, keyword cannibalization, and confusing categories. In other words, invisible technical errors sabotaging your rankings.)
During a technical audit, an SEO strategist looks at every aspect of website accessibility - content, indexability, crawlability, links, page speed, and user experience.
Then, you receive a detailed report on how to fix any damaging issues, with a plan for managing content in the future.
What is a content audit?
Your content audit takes an in-depth look at every resource, blog post, or article on your site. We'll make recommendations for repurposing or editing your existing content to maximize your ranking potential - without needing to publish all-new pages.
Depending on the size of your travel website, this may be an ongoing process.
We'll work to help you understand which pages we recommend optimizing first. These recommendations are based on how quickly they can convert searchers, your current keyword ranking positions, and the overall SEO value of the page.
What is a competitor keyword gap analysis?
Ever wonder what keywords your main travel competitors are ranking for? Wonder no more! This analysis provides an overview of how your travel website performs compared to others in the industry. We'll identify where you outperform competitors, where you fall behind, and where you don't rank at all.
This key travel SEO process is crucial for identifying which tourism topics you should avoid due to keyword difficulty or oversaturation. It also helps identify potential tourism topics or destinations people are already searching for that your competition hasn't touched.
What is keyword research for travel and tourism?
Keyword research is a vital part of our SEO service.
In the travel industry, you can reach searchers at multiple stages of the sales funnel - from the pre-planning stages right up until they're ready to book.
We'll help you choose target keywords based on relevancy, search volume, and keyword difficulty.
Here are some keyword examples:
  • Best countries to visit in Europe: This keyword is for the searcher looking for travel inspiration. They're probably in the pre-planning stage.
  • When is the best time to visit France: This keyword is excellent for those making a vacation plan.
  • Where can I book cheap flights to Paris: This will attract the searchers ready to travel and book their next trip.
  • What are the best cafés in Paris: Once they book the trip and the searcher is traveling, this keyword will attract searchers looking for things to do and places to explore.
Depending on your travel website's goals, you may want to target keywords for one specific stage of the travel research process -or, you may want to target each stage.
In this way, SEO for travel agents can be tricky, which is why we conduct deep statistical analyses with every strategic decision we make.
What is on page SEO for travel websites
Optimizing your on-page SEO is the easiest - and possibly the quickest - way to improve your site's organic search performance.
These recommendations can include adjustments to; page title, meta description, H1, alt text, sitewide schema markup, and URL structure based on the target keyword.

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