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The Broke Backpacker

How Propellic Fueled 30% Growth for TheBroke Backpacker in Two Months

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The Challenge

The Broke Backpacker, a well-known travel guide publisher in the industry, faced the tough challenge of improving their organic rankings, traffic, and revenue amidst intense online competition.

The Solution

Having analyzed The Broke backpacker' website and the challenges they faced, we identified several areas of focus for our SEO strategy:

  • In-depth SEO Audit
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Research and On-page Optimization
  • Quality Content and Link Building

The Result

  • Search rankings improved by 15% sitewide in two months.
  • In the same two months, our specific page recommendations furtherboosted site visibility by 15%, totaling a 30% increase overall.
  • Propellic focuses on creating value without resorting to upselling.
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"Propellic has been instrumental in our SEO success. The team's professionalism, expertise, and dedication are second to none. Our organic traffic and revenue have significantly improved, and we can't wait to see where this partnership takes us."
‍CEO, The Broke Backpacker

The Challenge

The Broke Backpacker, a prominent name in the travel industry which publishes online travel guides to inspire travellers to see the world no matter their budget, came to us with a formidable challenge. With competition in the online travel booking market increasingly fierce, the company was struggling to improve its organic rankings, traffic, and revenue.

They faced several key challenges:

  • Despite having a visually appealing and functional website, The Broke Backpacker was having trouble gaining visibility in Google's search results.
  • Their competitors were overshadowing them in rankings, resulting in decreased organic traffic.
  • Consequently, their revenue from organic search was significantly lower than their competitors.

In the face of these challenges, The Broke Backpacker approached Propellic, seeking an effective and long-term solution.

"I cannot request anything more of Propellic because they consistently exceed my expectations."

The Solution

Having analyzed The Broke backpacker' website and the challenges they faced, we identified several areas of focus for our SEO strategy:


First, we conducted a comprehensive audit of their website. We identified key technical SEO issues such as crawling and indexing problems, and on-page optimization issues that were affecting their rankings.


We performed a competitive analysis to understand the SEO strategies employed bytheir competitors. This allowed us to design a custom strategy that could provide TheBroke Backpacker with a competitive edge.


We did extensive keyword research to find opportunities for The Broke Backpacker torank higher. Based on our findings, we optimized their on-page SEO elements, such asmeta tags, image alt tags, and header tags.


Recognizing the power of quality content, we created compelling, SEO-friendly articlesthat resonated with The Broke Backpacker' audience. We also focused on buildinghigh-quality backlinks to their site to increase their domain authority.

Lastly, we set up continuous monitoring of The Broke Backpacker' SEOperformance and made regular adjustments based on the data.

The Results

After implementing our tailored SEO strategy, The Broke Backpacker began to see impressive results and their feedback reflected their overall satisfaction mentioning what they appreciated the most:

  • Search Rankings: During an isolated test after 2 months of work with Propellic, we found that search rankings had improved 15% for all content whereas content we'd assessed and updated with Propellic improved an additional 15%. The site increased visibility by a 30%increase.
  • Everything at Propellic is an open book: I was allowed full access to their workflow, and they have been responsive to any questions or data requests. They executed all major projects on time and were flexible about changing priority in an instance when I requested they pivot attention to get a different project out ahead of another that they had scheduled.
  • Communication was honest: The Propellic team is remarkably candid. They make a full effort to create value - they're not interested in upselling clients beyond what value they can provide. Additionally, their organization is remarkable. Their spreadsheets and video explanations simplify an immensely complex job.
"Propellic goes above and beyond to ensure value and the team is thorough in their approach and explanations."

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